Manchester United Deny Rumours About Fallout Between David Moyes And Ryan Giggs

Manchester United have denied the rumours, which have heavily speculated that manager David Moyes fell out with player-coach Ryan Giggs after Sunday’s 3-0 defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford.

Giggs, 40, is the most decorated footballer to serve Manchester United, and he was left out of Moyes’s squad for the match against rivals Liverpool.

A spokesman for Manchester United said, “The story of any problems between Ryan and the manager are completely false.” Although Welshman Ryan Giggs still remains under contract for Manchester United, David Moyes appointed Giggs as part of his coaching staff since taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson.

The crucial 10 days to decide Moyes’s fate as Manchester United manager included four games against rivals Liverpool and Manchester City as well as West Ham United and the second leg clash between Greeks Olympiakos.


DAVID MOYES: Manchester United manager looks on ahead of 3-0 defeat

After being played off the park by a strong Liverpool side, Moyes faced increasing pressure of losing the job, and fans took their rage and agression to social media sites such as Twitter. Moyes is now looking to reverse a 2-0 deficit against Olympiakos at Old Trafford on Wednesday night. Journalists, pundits and fans are suggesting that the pressure of being United manager may be too big for Moyes, and that the next three games will decide his fate as manager.

Although United performed poorly, which resulted in a 3-0 defeat, the United faithful continued to sing 20 times, 20 times, 20 times to the Liverpool fans, but no support was given to the manager.

However, Moyes remains adamant that United will be able to turn the 2-0 deficit around on Wednesday night.

“The players are capable of turning it around. We’re all desperate to put things right and make sure we play better to give the supporters here something to shout about.”

As the games are now starting to come thick and fast as the business end of the season approaches us, Moyes will have to galvanise his squad and get the best out of the players in order to grind out results, which could be Moyes’s biggest matches in his managerial career.


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