Hull City Owner Assem Allam Threatens To Walk Out Of Club

Hull City owner Assem Allam has threatened to walk out of the club if his plan to change the name of the club doesn’t fall through.

Assem Allam wants the club to be renamed from Hull City to Hull Tigers. The needs of the owner has provoked widespread discussions and anguish to fans and people associated with Hull City Football Club.

The confident businessman believes that his decision is right and will benefit the club.

“No-one on earth is allowed to question my business decisions – I won’t allow it”, said Assem Allam.

Businessman and owner of Hull City Assem Allam sent this warning to fans and the FA after he confirmed the recent signing of Nikita Jelavic.

Allam believes that with the signing of Nikita Jelavic and the ongoing negotiations with West Brom forward Shane Long, the club is moving forward. Allam is hopeful that the Republic of Ireland forward will join Hull City before Saturday.

“It’s a matter of talking, getting the club to release and the player to agree”, said Allam.

Last week Hull City manager Steve Bruce had to apologise after media reports claiming that a deal has already been agreed with West Brom for striker Shane Long.


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