Earn as you Burn

A little wager got me motivated to join my local gym and sign up. An earn while you burn scheme was on and I thought to myself, what can be more motivating than getting paid to actually lose weight? Exactly, nothing!

Anyways, going back 3 months, I signed up to the gym and since then I have been an active member, trying to burn off calories and on the other hand, earn some cash! For extra motivation, I had also made one of my friends sign up with me so I got someone who can push me through an intense workout when I’m really struggling.

The ‘Earn as you Burn’ scheme enabled me to reach my goal and personally I managed to satisfy myself. However, once the goal is achieved, I believe the key is to go that extra yard as success can be never ending.

So, 3 months later, I’m still a regular attendant of the gym and I’m managing to keep fit, with my strength and stamina massively improving.

Joining the gym and the motivation that made me strive through it showed me that if you put your mind to something you want to do in life, it is definitely achievable, you just got to push yourself to the limit.


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