Bangladesh 2007 – A very memorable experience

It was an extremely hot afternoon as the sun was shining down, me and my family were packing our bags getting prepared for our exciting trip abroad to Bangladesh. Our journey consisted of travelling from Darlington to Manchester Airport, secondly from Manchester Airport to Dubai, thirdly Dubai to Dhaka and finally from Dhaka to Sylhet. It was an exhausting 15 hour journey. During my flight, there were several things that I was expecting. However, the expected had become the unexpected as there were people and places that were completely different to England.

It was a boiling hot morning as I landed in Dhaka. As the sun was shining away with a beautiful view of the clear blue sky, the poverty stricken kids were coming towards me asking for money. One thing i undoubtedly expected though was the boiling hot weather, where I was sometimes sweating whilst sitting down! I went in July 2007 so the temperature levels always rose above 35 degrees. My first sight of Bangladesh was of all the different kinds of people stretching from normal kids and adults to deformed ones who would have arms or legs missing, which made me feel emotional. Looking at these children and recognising the treacherous conditions that these kids are living in, it made me realise that whatever I have in life I should appreciate it. The sights that I had witnessed and the emotions that I had felt for Bangladesh made me recognise that their lifestyle is hugely different, compared to England.

As I was having a terrific time abroad, time had quickly flown by and it was almost time to say goodbye to relatives and friends that I had made whilst in my holiday. The last few days of my holiday was quite disheartening because me and my family had to pack our bags in order to be ready to depart for England again. On the midnight of 31st August, 2007 as we were about to leave Bangladesh, we had said goodbye to relatives that we had seen after a very long time. However, on the evening of the 1st September, 2007, me and my family had finally arrived back into Darlington to our house after a very tiring journey. The reception that we had received from my aunties, uncles and grandparents were truly phenomenal.

However, when I arrived back home, something had struck me in the head. I was deeply in thought about all the poor kids that I had left behind in Bangladesh. I felt extremely sorry for these kids as they had a lack of money, food and shelter and it made me realise how lucky I am in life to have a roof over my head. My holiday had a very deep impact on my mindset and had also changed me as a person because I had learnt a very valuable lesson that whatever I have in life, regardless of size, I should always be grateful for it because there are millions of people around the world that are dying every day due to common illnesses and starvation.


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