A wonderful day out to Alnwick Castle

On a sunny Bank Holiday Monday, I had decided to bring my family out to Alnwick Castle. My first sight of this place was just eye opening as there were a lot of other people, the place was busy and the atmosphere was relaxed with kids running around at the same time.

During our visit, we had visited a lot of historical places such as the dungeons and we had also saw the historical monuments such as Elizabeth Percy’s gloves in The State Room.

I witnessed so many old products that were protected such as Elizabeth Percy’s gloves and her coin collections as well as the enormous historical dinner table with artefacts made up of broken plates and saucers. I had also learnt about the history of Elizabeth Percy, who was the first Duchess of Northumberland.

One great fact I was told in our day out was that the first two Harry Potter films, The Chamber of Secrets and Philosopher’s Stone were largely filmed in some parts of this gigantic castle.

We had also part taken in outdoor activities such as archery to make our visit to Alnwick Castle more exciting.

As it was a hot sunny day, we had also organised a little picnic on the huge fields as it had managed to bring everyone together, even the kids that were constantly running around!

Finally, to round off a wonderful day out, me and my family had dined at a 5 star restaurant called Akbar’s to eat and spend some more quality time together.


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