Appreciation & Humbleness in Football

As we all know, football is more than just a bunch of guys kicking the ball around hoping to score. In certain major events such as the World Cup and Euros, football unites all the different countries together and creates an electric atmosphere which is visually pleasing.

Football is a sport that has helped a lot of young individuals express their feelings and quality with a ball. It is a freedom of expression and the beautiful game has also helped a lot of footballers in the past to stay away from bad habits and to solely focus on their footballing career.

Although not all problems have been tackled in football as there have been racism issues, it has helped a lot of successful sportsmen realise how well and truly gifted and grateful they are.

In his early days before his professional footballing career began, Zidane, otherwise known as ‘Zizou’ used to play football without shoes. This used to make him upset a little. The Frenchman was quoted as saying,

“I once cried because I had no shoes to play football with my friends, but one day I saw a man who had no feet, and it made me realise how rich I am”.


2 thoughts on “Appreciation & Humbleness in Football

  1. Nice words…zidane remains one of the greatest ever of his generation and also in the history of the game… He kept his head down and stayed humble… He succeeded 🙂

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